In einer hochtechnologischen Welt erscheint nicht immer alles unmittelbar, solange man sich nicht vor einem konkreten Beispiel befindet. Die Sammlung der Case History von SIR und der Artikel, die unsere Gestaltungen betreffen, ist ein interessantes Kompendium möglicher Lösungen, damit sich jeder eine klare Vorstellung davon machen kann, wie Methoden und Techniken im eigenen spezifischen Bereich umgesetzt werden können, um einem bestimmten Automatisierungsbedürfnis gerecht zu werden.

Die Fabrik in der Fabrik

Die SIR-Lösung für die robotergestützte Prozessbearbeitung Foundry-Planet Magazine – June 2023

From INDUSTRY 4.0 to INDUSTRY 5.0 with Robots

January 2018 The exciting journey of industrial robotics from the most traditional applications to artificial intelligence. (from Sole 24 Ore – 29th january 2018). – Download PDF here.

MIT Technology Review – DOSSIER February 2018 INDUSTRY: from 4.0 to 5.0

February 2018 Article by Davide Passoni Chief of R&D department SIR S.p.A. – Download PDF here.

The needs of the Aerospace Industry are growing: SIR is the answer

SIR is a leading company in high-tech industrial robotics, capable of guaranteeing absolute quality and control together with extreme flexibility. NEW PRODUCTION NEEDS FOR A CHANGING SOCIETY Although its size is still the same, our planet seems to us to

Journey into Automotive robofacturing

From chassis welding to engine assembly, from the machining of transmission subassemblies to the handling of components: an overview of the Automotive applications on offer from SIR Soluzioni Industriali Robotizzate. ROBOTICS IN THE AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY The Automotive industry is famous

Robotic tools

The use of tools within a modern robotic process system: the applicational experience of SIR Sistemi Industriali Robotizzati in high-flexibility cutting and trimming operations. During the last decade, the growth in the use of industrial robotics has been considerable, especially

Inteligent robotics in the machining of earth-moving machinery components

Thanks to the new 3D CubicVision system, SIR Soluzioni Industriali Robotizzate finally solves the problem of bin picking, transforming technology into genuine artificial intelligence. THE IMPORTANCE OF THREE-DIMENSIONAL VISION The last few years have witnessed the adoption of artificial vision

Robotics for pasta production

Logistics, handling and palletisation in the pasta production process. SIR spa’s experience and strategic vision in a clear example of the vertical application of robotics. A STRATEGIC CHOICE Palletisation and logistics operations have been performed automatically in most food industry

The advent of Robofacturing

The ability to perform high-quality, high-precision process operations opens out new scenarios in the world of industrial automation, transforming robots into real skilled operatives. Nowadays, process operations carried out by articulated robots, such as cutting, trimming and finishing, are amongst

From idea to motion

“The birth of a SIR robotic system, from R&D to the functioning plant. A well-proven technological process, with a scope of use covering all the applications of robotics, from the small loading/unloading unit to the most complex of assembly plants”

Robotics at the service of welding

The excellence of automotive robotics applied to general industry. This sums up what SIR Soluzioni Industriali Robotizzate ( has succeeded in creating at System, a Fiorano Modenese firm which has been building industrial automation solutions for a variety of sectors

Beyond welding

Robotic welding combined with complex assembly operations is finding new applications in the manufacturing industry. The experience of SIR Soluzioni Industriali Robotizzate in a number of state-of-the-art installations, where robotics is applied vertically throughout the production cycle. A NEW ROBOTIZATION

Robotics and Vision

From dimensional and quality inspection through to optical path programming, from 2D robot guidance to the latest three-dimensional technologies: an overview of the artificial vision systems offered by SIR Soluzioni Industriali Robotizzate. VISION AND ROBOTICS: THE WINNING COMBINATION Of recent