Robotic System Integrators


Robotic System Integrators

What is robotic systems integration?

Robotic system integration is the process of programming industrial robots so they can perform automated manufacturing tasks. Integration is were technology meets human skills. Robotic system integrators analyse your needs of customised robotic solutions, provide a plan for automation, design, program and support robotic systems.


SIR Robotics, Robotic System Integrator

As an experienced robot integrator, SIR Robotics designs and builds highly customised robotic lines and systems, constructed in accordance with the customer’s specific needs.


SIR Robotics is the ideal automation partner for modern manufacturing industry. SIR’s robot systems improve conditions and safety in the working environment by taking care of heavy-duty and complex operations.


SIR also offers complete collaborative robotics solutions. The advent of this technology allows new types of applications, in which machine and operator actively collaborate to complete the required task.


Industrial robot applications

SIR Robotics works in all production sectors: automotive, mechanical, electromechanical, aviation, food and beverage, tissues, general industry, etcetera.


Robotics system integration is an adaptable technology and robots can cover a wide variety of tasks in the industrial line. Industrial robot applications includes assembly, foundry processes, handling, palletizing, finishing processes, welding.