May 2017

In the recent weeks SIR has provided for the registration of its trademark at the United States Patent and Trademark Office. As a result, a US-based office, called SIR America llc, has recently been opened: located in Forth Worth, Texas, the new branch will be devoted to local support both from a commercial and technical point of view.

The choice made by SIR is a further step in the globalization strategy that the company has been perpetuating for some years.

The continued presence on an area of ​​vital importance as the US will ensure timely interventions on plants already installed in the US, Canada and Mexico, representing at the same time an important bridgehead for capillary coverage of the territory in search of new opportunities.

According to the latest forecasts, the positive trend in the spread of robots in the area will continue in the coming years, with total growth in the medium term which should amount to slightly more than 32% compared to the currently sold machinery.

Partly due to the expected return to the United States of overseas production, growth will be driven by the electronics and automotive sectors, the main incubator of new automation technologies and the key engine for industrial development.