SIR join to Master Adaptive Manufacturing

March 2016

Within the Cluster for the Intelligent Factory, the Italian Industry 4.0 research initiative, SIR is supporting the “Master in Adaptive Manufacturing” a postgraduate course, which will be held at the Department of Engineering “Enzo Ferrari” of UNIMORE – University of Modena and Reggio Emilia.

It is the first Italian Master course that specifically aims at creating new engineers specialized in the Industry 4.0, a new manufacturing model heavily based on Industrial Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. The Curricula s focused on the design, management and supervisory control of intelligent robotic manufacturing cells. The Master course, after an intensive theoretical study, will provide hands-on experience and industrial training, also in SIR.

“The Factories of the Future – explains prof. Pellicciari, the director of the Master course – will be safer and cleaner thanks to industrial robotics, which will allow to realize higher quality personalized products, but it is necessary to train new technical skills to exploit the full potential of such innovative technologies”

SIR will host several Master Students to train them in a stage in which they will be able to apply all the new knowledge in real life experiences.